Oakley Salton - Head Coach

Coach Oakley is a teacher at Motueka High School and started the original cheerleading team in September 2015. My how we have grown since then! Oakley is head of the dance department at MHS and has a strong background in dance and performance. She is also a fantastic gym instructor and leads the conditioning program for our athletes. 


Leanne Whelan- Head Coach
Leanne has over 9 years experience in coaching competitive cheer and is a USASF qualified coach in Levels 1-4. She has, until recently, served on the Board of the New Zealand Cheer Union. Leanne is a former professional dancer and has worked with some top choreographers including Kimberley Wyatt (The Pussycat Dolls) & Patrick Chen (Justin Timberlake & Missy Eliott).  Leanne also worked as a dancer in the Disney movie "EllaEnchanted" starring Anne Hathaway. 




Linn   - Assistant Coach

Linn is from Oslo, Norway and is currently an exchange student living in Motueka and attending MHS. Linn has had a very successful cheerleading career to date including competing for her Level 6 Elite Team at the Cheerleading World Championships in Orlando, Florida.  Linn has extensive stunting and tumble knowledge and assists all of our teams.


Jade - Senior Coach In Training

Jade has been a member of our Senior "Intensity" Team for almost 3 years and is hoping to pursue a career in sports and fitness. Jade is an assistant tumble and stunt coach for our Junior Team (ages 9 -13) and for our Level 1 High School team. Jade has also started studying for her gymnastics coaching certifications. 



Dakoda- Senior Coach In Training

Dakoda has been a member of our Senior "Intensity" Team for almost 2 years and particularly enjoys partner stunting. Dakoda is an assistant stunt coach for our youth team, "The Incredibles" (ages 5-10) and is a great mentor to our male athletes.



Emma - Junior Coach In Training

Emma has 18 months cheer experience under her belt and has come on board to assist in coaching our youth team, The Incredibles. Emma's excellent communication skills and cheer knowledge make her a great fit for our coaching team.